Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing?

November 22, 2022

Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing?

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Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing?

Podcasts are becoming as popular as streaming or video content as a way to spend time and have fun. As the number of consumers increases, so does the industry’s size.

Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing

And businesses are taking note. In 2022, a huge $1.6 billion will be spent on media. But does it pay off? Is podcasting making a good return on the money being put into it? SO let us read more about Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing?

How well-known are podcasts?

Podcasts are getting increasingly popular, and this trend won’t stop. It’s possible that lockdown made podcasts more popular, but the fact that they were getting more popular before and after lockdowns shows that they aren’t just a passing trend.

As does the fact that Spotify, Apple, and Audible have all started their platforms where podcasts can be posted, and it has become common for brands and businesses to start podcasts about their business to go with their websites and blogs.

As of 2021, the Infinite Dial found that more than 116 million people listen to a monthly podcast. Over 55% of people in the US have listened to at least one podcast, and the number of podcast listeners has doubled since 2017.

About 68 million people, or about a quarter of the population, listen to more than one podcast every week.

That’s a lot of people to talk to. The old idea that podcasts could only reach a few people is a relic of the past. Podcasts are growing, and so are the number of people who listen to them.

People think they are a good way to make content because they are easy to make, they can be about any of it, and they offer marketing opportunities for brands and influencers.

This means that as a brand, you can not only use affiliate marketing to promote yourself, but you can also use your podcast to promote yourself as a content source.

What kinds of ads can be posted on podcasts?

So as per this Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing? article, Podcasts can advertise in many ways, such as through audio ads, host reads, and endorsements.

Audio ads are already recorded and packaged, so they can be played on the podcast platform itself, whether or not the podcast creators know about it or have anything to do with it. They could be played before, during, or after a podcast.

There are considerable distinctions between host reads and endorsements, unique segments, and presenting sponsorships. Host reads are sponsored blurbs written ahead of time and typically have a call to action that has nothing to do with the podcast.

They are sometimes more subtle than endorsements, which appear more natural when the host talks about the products and services in the context of what they usually talk about. For instance, a podcast about the current styles might talk about a brand they like to buy from.

Is it effective?

So as guided in this Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing? article, A report from Super Listeners 2021 says that podcast ads are the ones that people remember the most. 86% of people who heard the ad said they remembered it. On the other hand, that number was 80% for social media and 79% for websites.

76% of podcast listeners say they have done something because of a podcast ad, like visiting a site, buying something, or starting a subscription.

Because of how podcasts work, advertising can be more effective in several ways. One reason is that people who listen to podcasts usually do something else simultaneously since there is no visual element.

Whether the user is driving, taking a shower, or doing housework, they usually have their hands full and can only skip ads or endorsements that play during their podcast.

This means that a lot of people are listening to your marketing. Podcasts are good places to advertise because of how they are made. As we’ve seen, there are many ways to make an impression on a listener, from endorsement deals to pre-roll and mid-roll ads.

So considering this Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing?, Plus, most online ads only give users a few seconds before they can skip them, which they are more likely to do with yours. Only 12% of listeners said they always skip ads, and 33% said they never do.

Podcasts are especially helpful for affiliate marketing. Podcast hosts are rapidly becoming the newest and most popular influencers. They are also very open to affiliate deals that can help them build their brand and business.

Promo codes, vanity URLs, surveys, pixels, and other tools can help determine if your investment is paying off. Check out our blog for more affiliate marketing tips, or book a free call with a team member to receive a more personalized approach and professional opinion.

Conclusion – Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing?

They are a fantastic chance for marketers. Podcasts are a convenient way to connect with your audience, stand out through your competitors, turn potential customers into clients, and build trust.

Not only that, but the number of people who listen to them is growing. So this concludes the topic for Are Podcasts Effective For Marketing?.